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Daily Archives: November 18, 2010

Police Abuse of FITWatch Members

FITWatch and the police have history …

FIT Watch are a group of activists who attend protests and other events for the sole purpose of monitoring police activity, not to join in with the protests.

More specifically, FIT Watch use photography and video to record the behaviour of Police Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) officers.

The main purpose of the Police FIT teams are to capture images of demonstrators for upload onto a police/Government database. FIT make no discrepancy between violent or non violent protestors – all are filmed and documented on the “dissenter” database.

As you will see from this film, FIT no not like being filmed themselves. Even less so being asked to reveal their ID numbers. Police at demos routinely hide their ID numbers or swap numbers with a colleague. Removing ID numbers enables the Police to go obtain some anonymity. Swapping numbers allows them to claim (in the case of a complaint) that it must be a case of “mistaken identity”, since the Police records will show that the officer in question was posted to another area at the time.

It is interesting to note that this footage was shot many months before the controversy of the G20 protests in April 2009, where Police removed their ID numbers in order to try and avoid identification. One such officer was Delroy Smellie, who has been charged with assaulting Nicola Fisher. Fortunately for Nicola, the whole episode was captured on camera by another protestor, as was the brutality which ended the life of Ian Tomlinson. Ian was hit by an officer who was wearing a balaclava and who had also removed his ID number.

The FIT Watch members seen being arrested and restrained in this film were held in custody for 4 days,3 of which were spent in prison. They both have young children.

All charges were later dropped.

FIT Watch members arrested and body cuffed by Police for asking a Policeman for his hidden ID number