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Investigating what THE PEOPLE JUDGE TO BE UNACCEPTABLE behaviour by the British police. Brought to you by real independent researchers and observers! "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood" – Article 1: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Please Help Maurice Kirk

Please take the time to sign this petition [ ] and pass the link on to your friends.

A little background info:

Maurice’s site:



WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation – in lieu of an Effective Remedy before National Authorities
75 Signatures

Published by Forum for Stable Currencies on Nov 21, 2010
Category: Politics
Target: “HM Partnership”
Background (Preamble):
In defence of Maurice J Kirk BVSc, representative of thousands of victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression, we are targeting “HM Partnership”. By that we mean authorities that are protected from prosecution by a Royal Charter and employ individuals who abuse “Her Majesty’s Prerogative” to not comply with the Rule of Law.

“HM Partnership” has omitted Article 13 from the UK Human Rights Act 1998. In the European Convention for Human Rights, Article 13 guarantees an effective remedy before national authorities, notwithstanding that the violation has been committed by persons acting in an official capacity.

A forensic analysis about Maurice is here. As soon as we have 200 signatures, the petition will be sent to the key players in HM Partnership.

In the spirit of human rights and, in particular, Article 6 that guarantees a fair trial, we, the undersigned, demand:

1. The release of Mr Kirk’s medical records, necessary for his overdue hip replacement by
A. The CEO of the NHS, David Sissling
B. or The Caswell Clinic where he was detained for 12 weeks
C. or Dr Tegwyn Williams, the Director of Caswell Clinic, who gave the information at 2ndDecember 09 Cardiff Crown Court of ‘significant brain damage’ and ‘possible brain tumour’, sufficient to oppose Mr Kirk bail or recommend he be allowed to act in person in the imminent trial proceedings
D. or the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) who gave oral information to His Honour Judge Bidder QC, after examining the withheld information on 2nd December 2009 at Cardiff Crown Court
E. or HM Prison, Cardiff, under whose ‘care’ he was at the time of the court hearing on 2nd December 2009.

2. Three Police Forces admitting their wrongdoings and escalation of harassment:
a. Taunton Police in Somerset
i. treating him as a drug smuggling suspect
b. Guernsey Police
i. treating him as a drug smuggling suspect
ii. getting his flying licences revoked
c. South Wales Police
i. treating him as a drug smuggling suspect
ii. getting his flying licences revoked
iii. getting him struck off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons.

3. The government stepping in as Compensator of Last Resort, since the following authorities are immune from prosecution and do not take responsibility for any of the damages they have committed:
a. The Law Society, protected by Royal Charter since 1845, to safeguard solicitors from prosecution
b. The Association of Chief Police Officers who have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Law Society not to investigate crimes involving each other in the face of the court
c. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and its agents who are protected from prosecution by its 1967 Royal Charter. It used legislation contrary to the 1998 Human Rights Act.


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