The Real IPCC

Investigating what THE PEOPLE JUDGE TO BE UNACCEPTABLE behaviour by the British police. Brought to you by real independent researchers and observers! "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood" – Article 1: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


We hope that you find our work here at The Real IPCC a useful resource as well as illuminating and interesting.

Our intention is to highlight and expose bad police practice, corruption and malfeasance so that these things can be properly and fairly addressed by those in a position to change poor practices and procedures that are rapidly becoming institutionalised.

To this end we will be highlighting standard police procedures which we believe go against the spirit of the oath taken by officers when joining the police force. We will also be featuring individual stories of corruption, bad practice, violence and injustice.

However we will also take time to highlight and expose good police practice as a standard to which we should expect our entire police force to live up to.

There are many, many good police officers out there whose work goes largely unnoticed.

It is not our intention to disparage those good officers, or to tar all police with the same brush. Rather we wish to raise standards in policing across the country by exposing the bad and highlighting the good.

If you have a story you wish to share please contact us and we will discuss your case with you. We must make it clear that we will fact check and research your story before publishing to avoid any erroneous or libellous content on this site. This is nothing personal, merely a precaution that will apply equally to all.

Thank you for visiting.

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