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Neil Jones

The Story of Neil Jones:
An Introduction

by Karen Lucas

Neil Jones Wins!

Criminal Justice System Beats a Retreat in the Face of Truth!

The ‘Criminal Justice System’, so named for its criminality (if they wanted us to have a Justice System they would have named it accordingly) is in retreat following it’s failure to discredit, criminalise and/or section Neil Jones – a man with access to information they don’t want the public knowing about.

Neil’s ordeal started eighteen months ago when, following his attempts to pass the information he has regarding the death of Jill Dando on to certain people within the BBC, he was arrested for burglary of a local Chemist.

He was, at the time of his initial arrest, visiting friends. They were arrested alongside him and also charged with burglary.

The following day, the burglary charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Immediately, the three were then charged with cultivation of cannabis when the friends Neil was arrested with admitted to such. Neil however had no part in that as was obvious from the statements of his friends and by the simple fact that the plant was not being grown in his home!

And so those charges were also dropped.

Then they decided to hold Neil on charges of terrorism, thereby giving themselves up to seven days to hold him and to search his home. His wife and child were forced out of their home whilst a 5 day search ensued (conducted without the presence of any witnesses).

Many important papers were taken from their home at this time, along with equipment that Neil needs for his work as a Body Guard (it was through this work, and whilst providing protect to one of two MI6 pilots, themselves now in prison, that Neil became aware of what had really happened to Jill Dando and the lengths that officials within the political and judicial establishment were going to in order to cover this up). This equipment and those papers, alongside expensive CCTV equipment, have never been returned to Neil despite repeated requests.

Following their 5 day search of the Jones’s home, when nothing incriminating was found, the Counter Terrorism Unit left and Rotherham Police whet in. Rotherham Police conducted a new search during which they allegedly ‘found’ a pepper-spray in Neil’s sock draw, something which the CTU had curiously missed during their fine-tooth search of the property.

Neil was subsequently charged with possession of a pepper-spray (a fire-arms offence in this county).

Today (18 months later) they have admitted that this pepper spray was part of a batch seized from Neil Jones years earlier, that they hadn’t realised that Neil was intending to use this evidence as part of his defence, and that they didn’t wish to pursue the matter any further. (You just couldn’t make it up!!)
During his few days in police custody other allegations were made against Neil, not mentioned here as mention would impede Neil’s pursuit of a liable claim against certain other complicit outfits.

So in total, in the course of 6 days Neil was charged with no less than five separate offences. Four of those charges were dropped immediately, and one was pursued right up until today (Monday) when it was suddenly realised that there was no case to answer.

All of those charges and allegations were visited upon Neil just days after he revealed his name to those officials at the BBC he’d been trying to convince the evidence he has regarding the murder of Jill Dando was credible, in the belief that they would take him more seriously if he abandoned his anonymity.

During the eighteen months that followed his initial arrest Neil was forced to undergo psychiatric assessment by a judge who first cleared the public gallery, and then remanded Neil in custody until he agreed to submit to such an assessment.

One evening last June whist Neil, a keen outdoors-man, was off camping in the Peak District, his wife Mandy got a call from his solicitor saying Neil was due in court the next morning. – Why no prior notice of this appearance was given isn’t clear.

Mandy franticly tried to contact Neil, and eventually was able to get a signal and tell him he needed to come home. Hours later, having driven home, got changed and gone to court, Neil was in prison.

After around 6 weeks in prison Neil reluctantly agreed to undergo the assessment and was subsequently granted his ‘liberty’. – One condition of his bail was that he sleeps at home until the eventual trial. No more camping, no working away from home (translating to no working full stop), no life of his own.

Thankfully Neil had the foresight to record the interview with the psychiatrists and was able to counter them when they later lied about the interview in court, in an attempt to have him sectioned! They actually said in their report that they had a bed ready for him in a psychiatric hospital and were available to offer treatment for Neil’s psychiatric problems.

There had been two psychiatrists present during the interview; one taking notes the other asking questions. Unknown to them Neil recorded the interview on his phone. When told that Neil had audio evidence of the interview to verify his version of events, rather than asking to hear it, the judge decided that another assessment interview needed to be conducted there and then.

It was during this short interview that Neil produced documentation concerning his profession and his business, which he had also had the foresight to bring along, which demonstrated that he was not ‘delusional’ as the psychiatric report had suggested.

When the court was reconvened the psychiatrist had no choice but to state that there was nothing at all wrong with Neil’s mental health. (A bit of a climb down from having a bed ready for him, I’m sure you’ll agree!)

(For your information re-psychiatry)

Following their failure to section him under the mental health ‘act’ the date was set, finally, for a trail. That trial was due to take place this week, beginning Tuesday 27th April.

Neil and his family, having tried time and time again to get hold of their solicitor, to no avail, were becoming increasingly convinced that he was facing a prison sentence.

He eventually managed to contact his solicitor and went to London last week to discuss his defence.
After this meeting Neil became utterly convinced he was going to jail! His own solicitor seemed unwilling to present the defence he had worked out – that of full disclosure of the authority’s determination to pin anything at all they could conjure up on him.

Straight away Neil began work on an affidavit of truth, which he planned to submit to the court in his defence, in an attempt to ensure that all of the charges the police had brought against him and subsequently dropped (including an arrest for car theft and arson, a crime he himself had reported, during the months following the psychiatric ‘evaluation’ and hearing) were available to the jury, as the police and, seemingly, his own solicitor only intended to disclose those charges brought in order to discredit him, such as terrorism.

They did not want the charges of burglary, cultivation of cannabis and the rest mentioned for fear, it can only be assumed, that their obvious determination to get him on anything at all they could would demonstrate their corrupt and lawless practices.


Then, out of the blue last Friday, just days before he was due in court, Neil got a call from his solicitor telling him that the prosecution were backing down! That there was no case for him to answer!!!

He went to court today, a day before the trail was due to start, understandably very weary that they might pull some nasty stunt on him, to be informed that the prosecution had suddenly realised that the pepper spray he had been charged with possessing was part of a batch confiscated from him years before!
And that was that. Done. (At lease in their eyes it is over. They seem not to have noticed the utter torment and disruption they have caused to Neil and his family! The time he spent in jail on remand is nothing to them. The loss of earnings, the breakdown of his business due to inability to operate, the stress and anxiety… all of that is something they seem completely oblivious of!)

Neil is now back to a place where he can begin again to try to get justice for his friends, still in jail for knowing what really happened to Jill Dando, and for Jill Dando herself and her family, who deserve to know the truth of what happened the day of her murder. He can now begin again to try to bring justice to bear on the individual who is really guilty of that crime… and to reveal those who have been doing all they can to prevent the truth from getting out.

The powers that be (TPTB) have revealed themselves for what they are through all of this, and they have actually served to lend credibility to someone they have done everything in their power to discredit and silence.

The games that they play to protect their grubby little secrets, the lives that they are happy to ruin in order to maintain the illusion of ‘respectability’ can be seen by all who care to scratch the surface.

This is a victory for every one who sees through the illusion and stands against the usurpation of power over our personal sovereignty.

Every one of us who knows that ‘consent of the governed’ is assumed in a system where there is NO opportunity to withdraw consent is as illegitimate and fraudulent the so-called democracy we are encouraged to believe in, can celebrate alongside Neil today.

This is a victory for him on a very personal level, but bigger than that it is a victory for TRUTH!

The political system… the parliament where laws are made to control and subjugate us, the ‘criminal’ justice system, used to silence those who would speak the truth and reveal the dirty secrets of TPTB… it reveals itself with every attempt to protect itself… and we see it for what it is!!

Those who come here to ridicule and mock our intentions and our methods, take heed. The system that you so readily defend makes a mockery of you.

The story told here today is massive, and will only get bigger as the truth about Jill Dando comes out, and other details of Neil Jones’s ordeal can be revealed. But this is only one of dozens of stories involving the ‘criminal’ justice system and its eagerness to silence anyone who can confidently speak to its lies and deliberate injustices.

Maurice Kirk, Robert Green, Dave Carroll, Neil Jones, Two former MI6 pilots in prison for knowing too much (to name those few that I am personally aware of).

Not one of these people should be or should have been subject to criminal proceedings. The ‘Criminal’ Justice System has done, and is doing, all it can to prevent them from speaking truths which reveal the illusion for what it is, and to prevent them from exposing the utter depths to which the corruption sinks.
But the system is loosing as hundreds and thousands more see it for what it is every day.

Namaste. – It means, when the best in me meets the best in you great things happen.


Special thanks to Karen from INjustice for letting me reproduce her work here.


Neils recent update posted on TPUC

I would just like to update everyone as to the latest. Please bare with me those that already know the finer details.

Many things have happened since my release from jail; after being unlawfully remanded in custody from a private court (the public gallery had been cleared so that there were no witnesses to what was to take place) I was revoked of legal aid before being remanded in custody without excuse. I was later informed by my new solicitor that I had NO official legal representation in the court room on that day (my wife with the help of a couple of very generous, members of scraped together enough money just over six hundred pounds to pay Giovanni Di Stefano to phone his UK legal team to represent me after being remanded in custody). My remand, I fear was to prevent me from having a fair trial by a jury of my peers.
I had to agree to a psychiatric evaluation if I was to be released from jail; although very concerned I reluctantly agreed to this, while in custody I received mail from a concerned party warning me of FTAC (Fixated Threat Assessment Centre, aka police psychiatrists) apparently used to section the outspoken and whistleblowers without any due process of law!

Although I had complied throughout, answered to bail, attended court on time etc, upon my release from jail I was subjected to unnecessary bail restrictions requiring me to sleep at home every night. They knew that prior to all this happening to me, I previously worked away from home, and this bail restriction prevented me from doing this, as I usually stopped on site. Not put off, I tried to continue to work, sometimes having to travel eight hours a day, in order to secure only six hours work. However after trying to rent a car from Enterprise I was shocked to learn that my driving licence had also been revoked without reason!

During the period between my “evaluation” and going to court in December (In which they intended to section me), I was arrested again; this time for supposedly stealing and setting fire to cars. I had given chase and caught one of two car thieves who attempted to steal my neighbour’s car, one of many that were stolen and torched that evening! I asked the police to come to my assistance, as I had caught one of the car thieves. However they refused! The car thief managed to get away while I was on the phone. On returning to where the police and fire service had now congregated on my friend’s road, I was surrounded by the police, one of the police officers I recognised from the previous unlawful arrest. I sensed something was not right, and I was subsequently arrested along with my friend, for the crime I had reported!
Even though one of the victims came to the police station where I was still being held the following day to confirm I had given chase and thus saved his car from being torched, I was STILL charged with this offence! Months later this charge was dropped against me, not before my clothing which had been taken for forensic testing had been ruined by improper storage, and I also suffered yet further financial loss, due to them taking my mobile phone as well, leaving customers unable to contact me.

During the psychiatric evaluation I was interviewed by two psychiatrists, one asking questions while the other took notes. (I have since been informed that the opinion of two psychiatrists is required to merit the sectioning of someone who has not shown any cause for concern, such as violent behaviour or self harm etc).
The interview was recorded on my phone without their knowledge. After their psychiatric evaluation was compiled from this interview and forwarded to court, I was told to attend court on the 21st of Dec 2009. In the report the psychiatrist commented that he had took the liberty of securing me a bed at a secure psychiatric unit, and offered his further professional involvement if required.
Armed with the recording I had made, at this court appearance I would have been able to prove that what was claimed by the psychiatrist in their report, differed from what I had recorded.
On news of my having audio evidence to prove my version of events, the judge rather than listen to this evidence, suggested instead I have yet another impromptu interview (evaluation) with the psychiatrist present in court.
I was ready for any attempt to rubbish or disregard my audio evidence, so I was additionally armed with official paperwork and other evidence, backing up the statements I had made during the previous evaluation which had been rubbished by the psychiatrist in his report, such as whom I have worked for in the past, the existence of my own company, what I did for a living etc. We re-entered the court room after this impromptu interview, and unable to dispute the proof I had with me which backed up everything I had previously claimed, the psychiatrist had no choice but to declare that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my mental health!

After their failed attempt to section me, I was again offered a plea bargain. If I pleaded guilty to the offence, I would walk out of the court a free man, sentenced to the equivalent of the time I had already spent in prison. Short of telling the judge to bend over, so as to show him where he could stick his plea bargain, his second to date, I gracefully declined his offer to commit perjury. He promptly responded that my mental health may be bought into question again at a later date, set a trial date 27th of April; he then officially stood himself down from the case.

On Wednesday the 23rd of April, I went to London to prepare my defence with my solicitor. Financially ruined, it was the earliest I could scrape together the funding for the trip.
We were to go through all the statements put forward by the CPS prosecuting at my trial. I was to either agree or dispute the claims made in the statements. To say I was horrified at what I discovered was an understatement! The CPS was withholding most of the evidence from being disclosed at the trial, I asked my solicitor why? She explained, “The disclosure of such information would undermine their case against me” We had a break for lunch, I was clearly not happy so far, as it seemed that they were withholding relevant information, such as there being no mention of a five day fingertip search of my home by the Counter Terrorism Unit, not satisfied that the CTU failed to find anything incriminating, the local police decided that the five day intensive search was not good enough, and on the fifth day when the CTU had finished their interest with me, the local police did an additional search and within minutes found a pepper spray! What the jury would hear at my trial is that the local police went into my home, after I had been arrested on suspicion of burglary, and suspicion of cultivation of cannabis at someone else’s home, whereupon they found a pepper spray! No mention whatsoever of my being arrested under the new Terrorism laws, and all the other injustices and violations of my human rights I had also suffered.

On returning from lunch, we continued, going through the rest of the statements. The most shocking revelation was yet to come. I am unable to discuss in detail what I discovered, to do so would impede the libel case I am making against other complicit parties. After reading a document that had never been disclosed to me before that day, I learnt that the police had not made a “genuine” mistake at all, rather they intentionally lied in order to fabricate an offence against me, which now brings into question the true sinister intentions of some of those involved. Before leaving I left my solicitor with a few links to sites on the internet, such as this one, and links to copies of police and court paperwork I uploaded for all to see, in the hope that she will look herself at the contradictions in their own paperwork, exposing the inconsistencies in their lies.
I left my solicitors disheartened and doubtful that I would get justice for myself at my trial, let alone get justice for anyone else. I was made late for my train home to Sheffield by severe delays on the underground, the last train I managed to catch only went as far as Derby, so I had to continue on to Sheffield by taxi, additional costs I can ill afford, A bad end to an already bad day.
Friday the 23rd April, four days before my trial was to begin; I was woken by a phone call from my solicitor. She had obviously done some research, as she told me that in light of what was discussed during our previous meeting, she was going to ask that the trial be postponed, while she put in a request for some of the evidence and statements that the prosecution had not intended to disclose. I was told to assume I would be going on trial in Sheffield Crown Court on Tuesday the 27th of April unless told otherwise.
Later on the same day, my solicitor phoned again, to tell me that she had just received a letter faxed to her from the CPS. She said that they would not be offering any information against me at the trial. I asked her what this meant. She told me it was all over, they have backed down. Instead of going to trial Tuesday, I was to go to court on Monday to be present for the prosecution to officially withdraw and dismiss the case. To be honest, I did not believe it; the last time I was asked to go to court just before I was due to stand trial, I was remanded in custody.

I attended court Monday morning, not knowing what to expect, there was a heavy police presence, both in and outside the court, but if what my solicitor said was true, I could at least take pleasure in hearing the prosecution enter a plea on my behalf of not guilty. As it turned out, it was the judge himself who entered the plea; words to the effect of “case t whatever numbers, defendant Neil Jones, not guilty, case dismissed your free to go” the judge himself stood up immediately and left the courtroom. I was looking around the room, is that it, not even a sorry? I left the courtroom myself. I was still somewhat anxious until I got out of the court and out of sight of the police, concerned that they may try and re arrest me.

To very briefly recap some of the events leading to this day.
Within days of giving up my anonymity while trying to expose a government cover up of the truth, which had already taken one life, and the liberty of two innocent men, I was arrested. Although throughout this whole ordeal I was able to provide evidence proving my innocence, they chose not to accept it. I was charged with five offences within six days, four of the offences were dropped shortly afterwards, and I was to stand trial at Crown court for possession of a pepper spray, which they planted in my home.
I have had eight pages of property removed from my home; some property was removed but is not on the list! Criminal damage caused by the police, the removal of CCTV recording equipment, which assisted in a subsequent burgling of my property. I have also had to endure being remanded in custody, upon release leading to restrictive bail conditions preventing me from doing my usual job, further hindered by the revoking of my driving licence, without work leaving me just short of bankrupt.
I have defeated two unlawful attempts to section me, and also refused two plea bargains, and was arrested for a crime that I reported! One and a half years of sleepless nights, stress, pure hell, and now an uncertain future. All this they have done to me, and they couldn’t even say sorry?
I suppose people would think I would be jumping for joy. I am sorry to disappoint, as I am barely relieved. Sure they have ruined my life, as I will never be the same now, I will never be able to go back to how my life was before all this, as I am on a completely different path now from the one I was.
Until everything else is cleared up, only the few that know everything will understand my point. Until then everyone else will have to bear with me.
Now this injustice against me seems to have come to an end, the reason I am not jumping for joy, is not because what they have done to me, as bad as it has been, I have only suffered one and a half years of it. The family of Jill Dando still have no closure.
The two innocent MI6 pilots have already served eight and a half years in prison; they are due for release towards the end of next year, after serving 10 years in prison for something they haven’t done. That may be something to look forward to if they were guilty, but they are not. And although it may be relatively close to their release, they should not have been imprisoned in the first place!
Christopher and Peter are my friends, and I would have still stuck by them if they were guilty, although if that were the case, I would not be shouting their innocence I would keep my mouth firmly shut.
But that is not the case, these men are innocent!

I will only be jumping for joy, when justice is truly done for everyone caught up in this mess, not just myself. In the case of Christopher and Peter when they are released, not as criminals who have served half a life sentence, but as the innocent men that they truly are, nothing less than Justice will suffice. The criminals are the ones, who have either played a part in covering up the truth behind Jill Dando’s murder, or have played a part in silencing/incarcerating/discrediting by whatever means, anyone with knowledge of, or who dares to speak out to expose the truth. In my opinion no matter how little a part anyone may have played in any of this, they are no less guilty than the scumbag who pulled the trigger.

Sure I am relieved that my part in this ordeal is finally over, and there were surprisingly a few positives that came from this. After being held in police custody for six days, five of which I was held under the Terrorism Act. Not allowed to smoke during my incarceration, I managed to give up smoking cigarettes, although I would not recommend this method of quitting!
Most importantly, I was fortunate enough to come across some of the nicest people I am ever likely to meet, strangers at first, who selflessly supported my family and me through this, from the guys who helped financially, assisting to pay for a solicitor, to all the people on sites such as, David Icke, FMOTL, who have offered support to my family and myself, or who have written to me in jail. The Antiterrorist, and the Tap Blogspot, to name but a few. All that has happened to me may have made me lose my faith in, and respect for our government, police, and judicial system, but you people have restored my faith in humanity, your kindness and support has been overwhelming, thank you.

Read Neils (MadBomberJones) story as events unfolded:

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