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Dando Cover-Up Gets More Sinister

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After leaving this comment on The Tap Blog (see first quote below), the article’s publisher was contacted and this article, documenting Neils attempt to give information to the BBC was published.

The Serbians are responsible for Jill Dando’s death, I suspect the media already know this, probably not in as much detail as I myself have the misfortune to be privy (the times, news of the world and I suspect members of the BBC, are probably aware as all have been reluctant to respond to or even show interest when credible information has been offered (at great risk to myself!).
Unfortunately not only do the Government know it was the Serbs; they can name one of the Serbs directly involved.
In a nutshell,
Because the British Intelligence Service considers a known Serbian to be a valuable asset to the UK for specific reasons, he is afforded the protection of a public immunity order (basically making him immune from criminal prosecution in the UK)
In my view the Serbian man has abused his protected status, by being directly involved in the brutal demise of Jill Dando, if he is prepared to kill British citizens, non combatants in the name of another country namely Serbia, he should be offered up for prosecution regardless of his use to our intelligence services!
A credible warning was made prior to Jill’s murder, resulting in the former director general of the BBC, Mr Tony Hall, being placed under Police protection. 

Unfortunately I know why, the name of one of the men directly involved, where they celebrated mission success (Jill’s Murder) Along with other relevant information which to the best of my knowledge the general public is not aware.
My prior attempt of putting the relevant information on the net has resulted in the website involved being irreversibly corrupted!
Ever since I have tried to leak the truth, my static IP address now resides in Lambeth London, strange considering my ISP is Sheffield based Plusnet, and I live in Sheffield, not too far from their servers!
My dilemma now is that although the media are screaming out for information on Jill’s murder, when offered the information they don’t actually want to know.
I just hope one day that someone with the power to expose the truth and get justice for Jill will grow a pair of balls and do so.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dando Cover-Up Gets More Sinister

Email Received this morning from Neil Jones. Read it.


My name is Neil Jones, I hope you do not mind, I have posted a link to your blog on my facebook page. I was the last person to comment on your blog regarding the governments cover up of Jill Dando’s murder which I signed ‘NJ’. See original commentHERE.

The reason for which I am getting in touch, is because my attempts to expose the truth about the governments covering up of Jill Dando’s murder, has resulted in my falling foul of the law in a most spectacular way.

A lot of my comments about this subject, made prior to my arrest under section 41 of the Terrorism Act 2000 are starting to simply vanish from the internet. I was wondering if there is any way of confirming when I wrote these comments on your blog? I was arrested less than two weeks after trying to email the BBC on the subject, after they were refusing to respond to two previous telephone attempts.

The contents of the email I have included below.

Contents of email sent to BBC less than two weeks before my arrest:


I have now tried on two occasions to contact Mr Mark Byford, (on the recommendation of a former BBC Director as someone whom I could possibly trust).

At the time of my first call I did not realise that Mr Byford was the deputy director general, I thought I was being put through to a journalist.

The second attempt to contact Mr Byford got me through to an answering machine!

My reason for contacting you:

As a CPO (Bodyguard) I was entrusted with information, from a long served client whom I have personally provided close protection services since 1994 a man whom has quite literally entrusted his life and that of his family to my care through some very dangerous times.

To this end I have confidential information about a fatal incident which took place some years ago involving a member of the BBC, information which I do not want my name or my clients name attached to.

I do not want payment, I do not want fame (in the interest of self preservation I wish to remain anonymous, hence my not approaching the authorities, for reasons which will become worryingly apparent if anyone in the BBC actually bothers to query what I have to say!) I just want justice for a fellow British Citizen.

As a result of my attempt to contact the media, I suspect I have already put myself and probably my immediate family at risk, Although I may not merit the stature of being a director for such a large “institution” such as the BBC, I nevertheless find it rather rude that I am putting myself in harms way, by trying to help you get justice, or at the very least peace of mind, knowing what actually happened to one of your colleagues, and you in return seem the least bit interested.

Could someone please get in touch?

PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH MY COMMENTS! (I assume you mean the BBC, Neil, and not The Tap!)

These links were provided by Neil Jones to explain his story, his arrest, the harrassment of his family and the feeding of innuendo against him to the media.

PICTURE – Neil’s South Yorkshire home where he was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning on November 2nd 2008 by the Leeds Anti-Terrorist Police, three weeks after his comments appeared on The Tap HERE.

Cover-up 1
Cover-up 2
Cover-up 3

He adds –

I look forward to the high court case later this week which gave rise to this headline in the Daily Express Labour gagged BBC over Dando probe by MI5.

EXTRACT – SENSATIONAL allegations that a minister persuaded the BBC not to report information that a Serbian hit team killed television personality Jill Dando will be aired in the High Court this week.
Barrister Ed Fitzgerald, QC, is set to make explosive revelations that cast a new light on the death of the popular Holiday and Crimewatch presenter.

His claims will put pressure on the Government and on the BBC to release all the information in its possession about a Serbian plot to kill Miss Dando.

And I hope the truth will out, as Barry George was not the only person unlawfully incarcerated in this matter. As I speak two pilots who were unnecessarily arrested while employed by MI6 several years ago, are still in custody today in our governments “taking no chances” attempt to suppress the truth. Any assistance you can give with confirmation of the date I commented on your blog, would prove helpful in my court case.

Best regards,
Neil Jones

Any comments left here will be read by Neil, I think you could safely assume.

We need to establish the dates on which he commented on my blog post which was published on Saturday August 2nd 2008 Did Blair Order Jill Dando Cover-Up?.

If you want to email him, send via my email address to be found in my profile.

Fellow Bloggers, please propagate this story far and wide. They are trying to delete the Blair Dando Cover-Up from the internet. They should not be allowed to succeed. Copy and paste as much as you can to your blogs and make links here. That is, if you believe that the truth should come out.

NJ – after checking, your comment was left on October 18th 2008 according to ‘comments atom’ on

I hope that answers your query. Keep posting your story far and wide. There’s no point in imprisoning you or anyone else once the story’s out. It’s your best defence to keep talking. Good luck!

PICTURE – The late Jill Dando of the BBC. Would she have approved of the framing of Barry George and the arrest and imprisonment of several people to hide the real cause of her death?

Keep us informed as to what happens Neil. Thanks for getting in touch. I wonder who the minister was, persuading the BBC to drop their investigation into the Serbian assassination story. Was it Mandelson? Only a guess.

UPDATE 23rd February 2009 – Heilan Laddie emailed me this link – Police Study New Lead In Dando Murder Hunt. It seems as if the true story might come out if all media are starting to carry it, just in time to take the pressure off Neil in his court case. Of course no one will mention Blair as having any involvement in the cover-up, or Mandelson.

They’ve obviously decided, though, that it would be better to get this skeleton out of the cupboard and render it neutral before Blair makes any serious attempt at the Presidency Of Europe. Barry George has served his time and his purpose in covering up Blair’s embarrassment at having caused Dando’s murder. Letting Barry out of jail, and finally telling the truth (or at least part of it) would stop this story from exploding under Blair later on when he’s visible to the media once again. While he’s in media hiding, all these kinds of ‘innoculations’ can be carried out on his behalf.

BLAIR SITTING PRETTY – See Daily Mail article.

Posted by Tapestry at 2:01 AM
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Daniel1979 said…

I will put a link to this on my blog.
1:07 PM

tapestry said…

Thanks, Daniel. I see a number of referrals coming in.
4:36 PM

TopCat said…

Iv’e followed this case from day one and have always had my doubts over Barry George’s involvment in Jill’s killing. The one person who had a clear view of the killer was Jill’s nextdoor neighbor Ritchard Huges. Huges stated that he saw the killer walk out of Jill’s pathway and off along the road – and while doing so was in a conversation on a mobile phone?You have to ask WHY? would anyone make a phonecall after killing someone?
It could conceived that the killer was making a call to confim that the hit had been done and Dando was dead.New lines enquiry into the serbian involvment in Jills killing are emerging. See Here…


12:35 AM

TopCat said…

This post has been removed by the author.
12:38 AM

tapestry said…

Good link, Top Cat.Same story as before with new slant.
2:07 AM

neil said…

Hi, I am the wife of Neil Jones, who has been a member on this blog, see notes he wrote above. I am just letting all readers know. He was remanded in custody from Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday 21st May. Is case number is T20090126 if you phone the court 0114 2812400 and ask for the court record sheet, she will read off the computer, what was said in court etc. But most of Neils replies and comments are not recorded. Also ask why he was remanded in custody, and she will say she doesn’t know. It does say. It does say he is in Sheffield crown court on the wednesday 3rd of June 10am for a trial, expected to last 2 days. This is for a charge of the so called processions of a pepper spray. Funny to us, how the leeds terriost unit were searching my house for 5 days and did not find this pepper spray. But after they had finished, for some reason Rotherham police did another search and found this pepper spray. We need as many people to attent court and fill the public gallery. As on the 21st of may, my sister law , was more or less, dragged out of the public gallery, so she could not see what was happening in court, when my husband was remanded. Any help that anyone can do, would be a big help. Me and my two year old Daughter just want my husband/father home where he belongs, as he has done nothing wrong. And should not be in custody.
11:27 AM

tapestry said…

I sounds like planted evidence. It must be hard to defend yourself against a police service that has lost any sight of justice. Use the net just as you are doing, Neil. It takes time but eventually your story comes out that way. The ‘authorities’ can rig court cases to order, but they cannot silence the net. Keep talking and telling your story – here if you like. You are always welcome.
12:29 PM

tapestry said…

Here is link to picture of three Police Officers beating the shit out of Neil, and a picture of him. He claims the photographer saved his life.CLICK HERE
12:21 AM

Neil Joness wife Mandy said…

Hi All, Just updating information we have.Neil wrote a letter to the prison and wrote” Attention: Discipline Department

I wish to know for what reason, and for how long I am to be remanded in custody. Other people have already contacted Sheffield Crown Court on my behalf, to try and ascertain the above mentioned required details. However it appears that no one in the court is aware of the reason for my unorthodox remand, or the intented duration. I require this information as a matter of urgency so that i can advise third parties outside this establishment on matters reqarding my mortgage, work etc. The new case number is T20090126 thankyou in advance foor any assistance you can provide”.

The Reply Neil was received was:

” You are remanded for possession offensive weapon and you are back in court on a date to be notified by the court in due coarse”

This was signed and dated the 29/05/09

Today I received a reply back from the court, in reply to my letter. I ask them, I wanted to know what my husband was remanded in custody for, and how long for. This letter was received by them on the 28th May 09, and their reply was dated the 3rd June 09

My letter was put before his Honour Judge Robert Shaw on the same day, who’s comments are:

” The reason for the remand in custody, was that a psychiatric report is required, and due to the failure of the defendant to co-operate in the prepartion of a report the only way in which one can be obtained is by a custodial remand. The case will be re-listed when the report is available and that is likely to be approximately 6 weeks from the date the report iwas ordered.”

Well my views, As my Husband will not have the psychiatric report done, while being hell in remand, what does this mean? He has already refused to see the Psychiatric once already, when he came to the prison. So how long can Neil be held on this Blackmail Situtation

6:09 PM

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